Tuesday, July 10, 2007

(RED) VISION Seeks Short-Film Entries for 2008 Vail Film Festival; New Toolkit Available

This just in from (PRODUCT) RED, with whom GoodBiz113 ad partners American Express and Apple have teamed to help fight AIDS in Africa: The (RED) VISION short film category for the Fifth Annual 2008 Vail Film Festival is now open for submissions!

For those of you seeking a fun summer project, you're in luck. (PRODUCT) RED is looking for short films that represent one of these two (RED) themes: "We are the people we've been waiting for," and "Be a good-looking Samaritan."

The accepted (RED) VISION film will debut at the 2008 Vail Film Festival held in Vail, Colo., which promotes independent filmmaking during a week of screenings, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, parties and live music.

With your creativity and artistry, (PRODUCT) RED can raise awareness about (RED) and the fight against AIDS in Africa. So pick up your camera and start shooting!

For submission guidelines, go to JOINRED.COM/VAIL. Find out more about the Vail Film Festival at vailfilmfestival.org.

(PRODUCT) RED recently updated its website with the (RED) Community Toolkit, which you can find at JOINRED.COM/TOOLKIT.

The toolkit comes with an instruction sheet to help you figure out the best way you can promote (RED) amongst your friends and family. Plus, you can choose from posters [see sample above], fliers, stickers, buttons, name tags, Web banners, and desktop wallpapers. A fact sheet and FAQ are also available, so you can effectively answer questions about (RED).

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