Thursday, March 31, 2011

Verve Inc. Celebrates U.N.-Declared International Year of Forests by Planting a Tree for Every Pack of Glee Gum Purchased

By declaration of the United Nations General Assembly, 2011 is the International Year of Forests. To help celebrate, GoodBiz113 profilee Verve Inc. ["Verve Inc. Puts Sustainable Bite on All-Natural Chewing Gum and Educational Candy-Making Kits for Kids"] is embarking on a far-reaching tree-planting endeavor.

Imagine a world without trees to provide shade, without leaves to mark the passing of seasons, without the sound of wind rustling in those leaves. Trees do a lot for us on a daily basis. They sustain wildlife, improve air quality, help filter water, reduce wind speeds, and beautify our surroundings. And that’s just for starters!

The good folks at Verve Inc. turn to trees for two key ingredients in Glee Gum. They make their gum base with chicle, the sustainably harvested sap of Mexican sapodilla trees; and they sweeten their new Sugar-Free Glee Gum with xylitol, which is extracted from birch trees.

The company wants to invest in keeping forests fertile for years to come. Join them!

Every time you buy a pack of Glee Gum and register the purchase at, they'll plant a tree. They’ll also send you a nifty certificate of thanks!

Their partner in this tree-planting program is Trees for the Future, an agroforestry resource center focused on bringing sustainable land management programs to developing countries.

For more ways to celebrate the International Year of Forests -- including events near you -- check out the U.S. campaign and the U.N. site.

SOURCE: Verve Inc.

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