Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To our growing, global list of GoodBiz113 readers and advertisers, we bid a heartfelt "Happy St. Patrick's Day!"

To help illustrate the point, we've, uh, borrowed a piece from GoodBiz113 profilee George Rodrigue ["Louisiana Artist Brings Post-Katrina [Blue Dog] Relief to New Orleans"]. Don't Grow Grass on Me [pictured], an acrylic on linen, is part of Rodrigue's "Green Dog" collection. Check it out at "Musings of an Artist's Wife," Wendy Rodrigue's compelling blog:

Oh, and for the latest developments regarding the always-bustling George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts: Youth Development Through Art in Education, go to:

Best to you and yours for a fun and safe three-days-before-spring-starts day!

SOURCES: Musings of an Artist's Wife, Rodrigue Studio

The Art of George Rodrigue ^AF


Wendy Wolfe Rodrigue said...

I love it! Thank you, Kari! And Happy St. Patrick's Day! Wendy Rodrigue

Kari Larson, Editor & Publisher said...

You're very welcome, Wendy. Keep the great fodder coming!