Thursday, June 03, 2010

Rodrigue Releases Timely 'Emerald Coast' Silkscreen

News reports abound about the BP oil-spill disaster drifting along the Gulf Coast toward Florida's historically pristine beaches. Some sources speculate that the slick could hit shore within days, while others hold that it'll be weeks before the oily mess reaches the Sunshine State.

Meanwhile, GoodBiz113 profilee George Rodrigue ["Louisiana Artist Brings Post-Katrina [Blue Dog] Relief to New Orleans"], who's not exactly new to facing catastrophes head-on, has just released a piece to simultaneously remind folks of brighter, cleaner and safer days past -- and to subtly warn us about seemingly imminent environmental, economic and health threats.

"The Emerald Coast" [pictured above], an original silkscreen measuring 16x38, is available in a signed and numbered edition of 90. Prints are priced at $1,800, and will likely be available for shipment during the week of July 1.

Glimpse Rodrigue's new work at Rodrigue's Facebook page, and please be sure to leave a comment for our favorite artist-philanthropist-activist-entrepreneur:

For the latest events and good deeds happening via the far-reaching George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts: Youth Development Through Art in Education [GRFA], visit

If you're a small-business owner in need of disaster assistance, the U.S. Small Business Administration [SBA] has resources available:

SOURCE: George Rodrigue Studio

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