Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rodrigue Creates One-of-a-Kind Artwork to Raise Funds for Youth Development, Animals in Need

GoodBiz113 profilee George Rodrigue ["Louisiana Artist Brings Post-Katrina [Blue Dog] Relief to New Orleans"] just announced that he's created a one-of-a-kind artwork -- "The Three Amigos" [pictured above] -- exclusively for charitybuzz®, to raise funds and awareness for his foundation, the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts [GRFA], and for the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [LA/SPCA].

Rodrigue has added hand embellishments -- using colored paint pens, as well as a pencil sketch -- to create this mixed-media piece. "The Three Amigos" is an original silkscreen print that has been signed and remarqued, and measures 22 X 28". It will be mounted and shipped flat to the winning bidder. Bidding at charitybuzz closes on Thursday, July 1, at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Rodrigue's far-reaching GRFA advocates the importance of the visual arts in the development of our youth. GRFA encourages the use of art within all curricula, and supports a variety of art educational programs.

To learn more, please visit

LA/SPCA is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to the elimination of animal suffering. Chartered in 1888, they are the oldest and most comprehensive animal welfare organization in the state, providing care and basic medical services for thousands of homeless and unwanted animals each year.

For more information about the LA/SPCA, go to:

For the chance at adding Rodrigue's "The Three Amigos" to your collection -- and supporting two very worthy nonprofit organizations in the process -- go to:

SOURCE: George Rodrigue Studio

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