Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rodrigue Releases Special-Edition 'Friend Me' Print to Mark 14,000-Fan Facebook Milestone

GoodBiz113 profilee George Rodrigue ["Louisiana Artist Brings Post-Katrina [Blue Dog] Relief to New Orleans"] has reached the 14,000-fan Facebook mark. Way to go, George!

To celebrate the occasion, the internationally renowned artist, author, social entrepreneur and philanthropist just released a special-edition, 500-print piece -- aptly titled "Friend Me" -- that's available online and for a limited time only. Each print is signed and numbered, measures 22 x 28 inches, and is priced at $500*. [*Subject to change without notice.]

To order your very own print, go to:

For information about the far-reaching George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts [GRFA], which supports youth development through art in education, please visit:

SOURCE: Rodrigue Studio

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