Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Motivator Brendon Burchard Targets Social Entrepreneurs and Small-Business Owners in His Latest YouTube Video, 'Success & Winning Streaks'

"Live fully. Love openly. Go out and make a difference." -- Brendon Burchard

This morning, one of GoodBiz113's favorite motivational authors/speakers/coaches -- Brendon Burchard [pictured], of "Life's Golden Ticket" fame -- posted a video on YouTube.

Titled "Success & Winning Streaks," Burchard's 10-minute coaching session effectively illustrates the steps that entrepreneurs and small-business owners need to take in order to win in their chosen market niche:

1. Hunger
2. Ownership/Accountability
3. Learning
4. Focus
5. Initiative/Massive Action
6. Collaboration
7. Accessibility
8. Mastery
9. Coaching
10. Gratitude

Neglect any of those 10 critical success steps, he says, and you're right back to Square One.

Invest fewer than 10 minutes now to seize upon this infectiously energetic young man's insightful and inspiring life/business lesson: http://bit.ly/SuccessWinningStreaks.

Experience "Life's Golden Ticket: An Inspirational Novel" for Yourself.

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