Monday, December 01, 2008

Verbatim: Georgia's Martin-Chambliss Runoff Election Campaign Tops Week's Features

Every week, GoodBiz113 features influencers who are propelling the interests of small-business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, self-employed folks, artists, etc.

* "Georgia voters are being hit with misleading ads from both sides as Republican Sen. Chambliss battles Democratic challenger Jim Martin [pictured] in a Dec. 2 runoff election... In one ad, Chambliss tells viewers that Martin 'wants to help Barack Obama raise taxes on nearly every small business in Georgia.' Not so. What Obama has proposed would affect only the most affluent 2.4 percent of small-business owners, or less." --, a project of the University of Pennsylvania's Public Policy Center ["Peach State Piffle," Newsweek, 11/21/2008]

* "You want businesses to focus on running their business. You don't want them to devote any brain cells to focusing on the tax code." -- Tim Kane, an economist and a senior fellow at the Kauffman Foundation ["Is a Small-Business Tax Cut Coming?" U.S. News & World Report, 11/24/2008]

* “The frozen lending market has left small businesses in the cold as we face the holiday rush... I'm glad the Secretary has taken our warnings seriously and taken this step forward. It should provide some needed relief at a critical time. We hope small businesses will continue to get the help they deserve as further steps are taken to repair our ailing economy.” -- Sen. John Kerry [D-Mass.], chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, on Nov. 25, after U.S. Treasury Department officials announced their plan to infuse $20 billion into the secondary market through loans to asset managers -- a middle-of-the-road approach that will help to inject some liquidity into the market, and should make it easier for entrepreneurs to gain access to credit as they look to stock up on holiday supplies and services. One week prior to the announcement, Kerry had collaborated with Sens. Olympia Snowe [R-Maine] and Charles Schumer [D-N.Y.] to urge Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to channel a portion of the $700 billion rescue package [AKA Wall Street bailout] to be used to purchase government-backed small-business loans through the Troubled Assets Relief Program [TARP].

* "We'll be looking for long-term sustainable solutions... I think everyone who knows me knows I'm a different kind of Democrat. I'm an Alaskan... I support drilling. Alaskans are libertarians, we are independent. We like to have our individual rights and freedoms but also recognize we are a resource state." -- Mark Begich, who defeated longtime Sen. Ted Stevens on Nov. 4, and has his sights on assignments on the U.S. Senate Appropriations, Finance, Commerce and/or Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committees. ["Begich Takes U.S. Senate," Homer Tribune, 11/26/2008]

* “We all know the economy is in deep trouble... I believe the best response is to create jobs on Main Street and provide the middle class with significant relief, while also building a solid foundation for long-term prosperity... President-elect Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan should be especially good for Minnesota, with his focus on infrastructure and renewable energy. I want to go back to Washington and advocate for this recovery plan, based on what we’re already doing in Minnesota and what more needs to be done.” -- Sen. Amy Klobuchar [D-Minn.], before embarking today [Dec. 1] on her weeklong, 17-city Main Street Jobs Tour of businesses throughout Minnesota, to focus on opportunities for job creation with infrastructure and renewable-energy projects

GoodBiz113's take: America's small businesses would be so much better off if all of our senators and representatives in Congress followed Sen. Amy Klobuchar's example; i.e., actually getting out to meet and talk with us about business funding, affordable health insurance, taxes, etc. Given his small-biz-friendly stance on such issues, Jim Martin impresses us one who would do just that. Hopefully, during tomorrow's runoff election, Georgia voters will elect Martin to the U.S. Senate.

SOURCES:, Homer Tribune, Newsweek,, U.S. Department of the Treasury, U.S. News & World Report, U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship

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