Monday, August 25, 2008

Angie Morgan, Nine-Year Marine Corps Vet and Small-Biz Leader, Helps Kick Off 2008 Democratic National Convention

Today, when the 2008 Democratic National Convention kicks off in Denver, Col., Angie Morgan [pictured] will lead conventioneers in the Pledge of Allegiance. Morgan is a nine-year U.S. Marine Corps veteran who co-founded Fairfax, Va.-based Lead Star LLC, a leadership consulting and development firm, with fellow ex-Marine Courtney Lynch.

A glimpse at the DNC schedule reveals a refreshingly multicultural Who's Who of Democrats who will grace the convention stage during these four days, from Aug. 25-28. Given that some 29 million small businesses are fueling the U.S. economy, it is both fitting and refreshing that small business be prominently represented during this truly democratic event -- subtitled "Americans Gathering to Change the Course of a Nation."

Indeed, it is prudent, thoughtful, pragmatic and compassionate leadership that's required in order to move our nation in a new and better direction, and the folks who assemble in Denver this week are at the core of making that happen. By week's end, a powerful duo -- i.e., Barack Obama and Joe Biden -- will be leading the charge toward achieving a better tomorrow for us all.

Besides co-founding their business, Morgan and Lynch also co-authored the best-selling Leading from the Front: No-Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women. The book tells of the Marine Corps leadership skills that enabled them to succeed in their post-military careers.

Like the Marines, the male-dominated business world requires special navigation techniques for women. This book reveals 10 key practices -- each with its own chapter -- that will help transform readers into respected and efficient leaders.

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