Thursday, October 28, 2010

5,000-Plus Small Business Jobs Act Loans Approved in First Month

This morning, Karen Mills [pictured], who heads the U.S. Small Business Administration, announced some of the impressive effects that the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 has yielded thus far.

"Just one month after the President signed the Small Business Jobs Act, SBA has supported nearly $3 billion in loans to more than 5,000 small businesses across the country," Mills noted. "That’s more than 5,000 small-business owners who’ve felt firsthand, within one month, the impact this new law is having on our economy."

Two examples cited by Administrator Mills:

* Peabody Engineering, a tank and fiberglass manufacturer in Southern California, that is using a Jobs Act loan to hire 10 more workers; and

* Caudill Web Inc., based in Washington, D.C., who will use their Jobs Act loan to hire more programmers to meet increased demand.

"So, how did we do it?" Mills asked. "With the Recovery Act, we learned that raising the guarantee and waiving the fees in SBA’s top two loan programs was a formula for success. With the Recovery Act funding and extensions of funding from Congress, we turned just $680 million in taxpayer dollars into nearly $30 billion in lending support through our lending partners.

"That’s a big bang for the taxpayer buck. The Jobs Act builds on that success by extending those same loan enhancements.

"This is a critical investment in America’s biggest job creators and in the strongest engine of economic recovery: entrepreneurs and small-business owners. By unlocking loans for these small businesses, we are providing them with the tools they need to grow their business and create new jobs in their local communities.

"In all, we estimate the $505 million provided in the Jobs Act for these loan enhancements will support about $14 billion in small-business loans. That’s a $14 billion boost for America’s small businesses and just one of the reasons that the passage of this new law was a top priority for President Obama.

"The Jobs Act also includes $12 billion in tax credits targeted specifically to small businesses, and a $30 billion lending fund that will help small, community banks increase their lending to local small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

"As the President has said, government can’t guarantee the success of a small business, but it can knock down some of the barriers that stand in the way and help create the conditions where small businesses can grow and hire. The Small Business Jobs Act is a critical tool to help us do just that, and we are already seeing its impact with the loans SBA approves every day."

To learn more facts about how small businesses are benefiting from the Small Business Jobs Act, visit

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GoodBiz113's Take: Regardless of the relentlessly negative and downright deceitful rhetoric of those who want to see President Barack Obama and his Administration fail, statistics prove that his policies are gradually boosting small-business interests and getting people back to work.

To folks on both sides of the political aisle, and anywhere in-between, we advise: Be patient. Remember that President Obama has only been in the White House for 21 months -- and he had one helluva mess to clean up when he arrived there.

Signing the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 was just one of countless positive steps that this Administration has taken thus far in order to get all of America moving forward again. If naysaying members of Congress would simply check their politics, egos and inertia at the door, and actually work with their do-something colleagues for the greater win-win-win good, then our nation can continue on the productive course that President Obama and his truly dedicated and apt Administration and Cabinet members have only just begun to chart.

SOURCES: U.S. Small Business Administration, The White House

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