Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rodrigue Opens Gallery of His Own in New French Quarter Location

Wendy Rodrigue, wife/partner/muse of GoodBiz113 profilee George Rodrigue ["Louisiana Artist Brings Post-Katrina [Blue Dog] Relief to New Orleans"], just announced that her world-famous husband has opened up his very own gallery at 730 Royal Street [pictured above], in New Orleans' French Quarter.

After decades of exhibiting and selling his award-winning art in a handful of galleries -- some owned by others, plus spaces in [or under] properties he rented and/or lived in -- the "Blue Dog artist," entrepreneur, author and philanthropist finally seized the opportunity to buy an entire building devoted solely to displaying his myriad creations.

"...George Rodrigue has a gallery of his own, just one block from the Reilly Gallery, the location of his first show, and the only gallery that ever took a chance on him, now 40 years ago," Wendy posted on her blog. "He has the money and owns the space, to wield as he will, to display his creations. We will see things from him in the coming years the likes of which most viewers never knew him capable..."

To read Wendy's compelling account of her husband's journey -- including her insightful and inspiring perspective about her role in his rise to global renown and artistic freedom -- go to:

SOURCES: Musings of an Artist's Wife [photo], Wikipedia

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