Saturday, May 02, 2009

BusinessWeek Names Three B Corporations Among This Year's Top Five Social Entrepreneurs

Last week, GoodBiz113 gave its readers a heads-up re the voting deadline in BusinessWeek's annual endeavor to identify leading social entrepreneurs ["April 26: Last Day to Vote for America's Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs"].

Well, the votes have been counted. This year's top five winners include three companies -- denoted by the asterisk [*] -- certified as B Corporations, which "use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems," and get to proudly display the above logo on their websites and all of their other marketing media:

2. Impact Makers*
3. Stonyfield Farm
4. Academic Earth
5. CleanFish*

Kudos to these inspiring innovators, as well as to BusinessWeek for showcasing enterprises that are demonstrating the far-reaching power of balancing creative commerce with social change to serve the greater good.

SOURCES: B Lab, BusinessWeek

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