Friday, March 27, 2009

March 29: '60 Minutes' to Focus on Growing Global Cyber Security Threat

On this Sunday's edition of "60 Minutes" [March 29 at 7 p.m. ET/PT], Lesley Stahl reports on computer viruses that propagate on the Internet and infect PCs, which enable their creators to learn the information they need to electronically rob bank accounts.

You will learn about a menace lurking on the Internet that could affect your PC and maybe your bank account. Computer viruses, sometimes called worms, are hiding in the PCs of millions of Americans, threatening to steal financial information or cripple computers with multitudes of spam.

Viruses like Conficker -- which experts say will be given new instructions on April 1 -- are worrying security experts, who wage war against the evolving viruses that are often the creation of foreign cyber gangs.

Steve Trilling, of Symantec, maker of the best-selling Norton AntiVirus 2009 software [and a GoodBiz113 sponsor], tells Lesley Stahl, "Imagine a network of spies that has infiltrated a country and every day, all of the spies are calling in for their instructions on what to do next."

GoodBiz113's take: Computer viruses pose a huge threat to banks, businesses and consumers alike. Tune in to "60 Minutes" this Sunday. Before then, though, you might want to do a quick scan of your own PC and/or network, and then rid it of any nasty worms, etc., wiggling their way through your precious data.

SOURCES: CBS News, Symantec

Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0: The Next Generation of Anti-Virus Technology

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