Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Business Advisor Offers Improv Performance, Innovative Networking Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

"Joy in the Jungle: Adventures in Entrepreneurial Thinking" promises to be an inspirational and zany show for anyone in business or thinking about making the leap. The audience is invited to play along in this interactive variety show, featuring an eclectic mix of stories, songs and games on Saturday, Oct. 20, 7 p.m. at Augsburg College, Minneapolis. Rosemary Senjem, accompanied by Catherine Roach, will lead the audience through the jungle of business plans, cash flow, profits, customer service, and more.

Senjem is a successful business advisor who has guided startup companies, CEOs and independent artists, among others. She has launched several companies of her own; provided marketing and Web services to small businesses; and was an Outward Bound wilderness guide for seven years. Senjem, who grew up around entrepreneurs, artists, missionaries and engineers, describes Entrepreneurial Thinking as a “birthright” ‐- to be honored in a networking session with birthday cake before the show [6:30 p.m.].

"Joy in the Jungle" is a lighthearted take on the principles of what Senjem calls Entrepreneurial Thinking. It also enables Inspired Entrepreneurs, or those who “follow their hearts into business,” she says, “to celebrate in a gathering of the tribe.”

When left to our own devices, notes Senjem, human beings are creative and we generally prefer to run our own lives. "Entrepreneurial Thinking is extraordinarily ordinary," she says. "It’s a basic human behavior. Everyone can do this when you know the principles that govern it."

Senjem’s holistic approach and unwavering enthusiasm has established her as a leader in the growing entrepreneurial movement. She utilizes an improvisational discipline and other experiential methods. Her philosophy is based on the notion that being attuned to your physical well-being is a powerful tool for unleashing intuition, and shows how intuition plays a key role in making strong business decisions.

Testimonials for Senjem's Distinct Approach
“Pretty much everything we envisioned for my business wound up happening… She was tremendous helpful…Rosemary is an incredibly funny, nutty, great person. I always get positive feedback and ideas.” -- Nicole Stone, life coach and martial arts instructor, Minnesota

“Rosemary brings a sense of creativity and fun. To me, that’s really important to business. Why be chained to a desk when I could be dancing around at it?” -- Liz de Nesnera, founder of and multilingual voice-over talent,, N.J.

Event Details
WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 20, 7 p.m. [birthday cake and networking, 6:30 p.m.; Q&A following performance]

WHERE: Sateren Music Hall, Foss Center, Augsburg College, 2211 Riverside Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minn.

TICKETS: $20; discounts for students and groups. Call 612-226-5101 for a discount code; or, visit

About Rosemary Senjem
Rosemary Senjem is the founder of Hand Spun Digital, Inc. [] and teaches Intuitive Plan workshops []. Senjem earned a B.A. in Human Development & Social Relations at Earlham College. She has run her own barbershop, education consulting business and Web design company. She is currently writing a book about the principles of Entrepreneurial Thinking.

Source: Intuitive Plan/Hand Spun Digital

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