Friday, August 10, 2007

Recycline Makes It to Second Round of's $100,000 Boost Your Business Contest; Vote Now!

GoodBiz113 profilee Recycline Inc. ["Recycline-Stonyfield Partnership Milks Resources to Benefit the Environment, Consumers and Each Other"] has just made it to the second round of's Boost Your Business Contest. The grand prize: $100,000.

"Recycline has been given a great opportunity to reach more people with our environment-friendly products," said Eric Hudson, Recycline's CEO and founder. "We've been named one of 20 semifinalists [out of 1,000]... $100,000 would go a long way to helping us spread our message -- using Earth's resources more efficiently and giving consumers better choices for the everyday products we all use."

Recycline is the innovative company that transforms used plastic from Stonyfield Farm yogurt cartons and other sources into personal-care products and tableware. If the company wins's contest, their prize will go towards marketing their goods to new consumers; i.e., those who are just beginning to "go green" and buy eco-conscious goods.

"We currently generate about $2 million in annual revenues, with a net profit of approximately 5%," Hudson noted. "We estimate that a $100,000 investment will likely generate a $500,000 increase in sales in 2008, and sustained profitability. This would result from a combination of increased retail sales in mainstream channels and an increase in online sales through Recycline’s new Web site."

You can learn about Recycline's Preserve® line of products and its far-reaching practices and educational campaigns at You can cast your vote for the recycled-plastics manufacturing pioneer here: Second-round voting ends Aug. 31, 2007.

NOTE: As a thank-you for taking a minute to vote for Recycline, the company is offering 15% off all Preserve products during the month of August at its online store. Shop now:

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