Saturday, May 19, 2007

In 20-Month Wake of Hurricane Katrina, Blue Dog Relief Tally Now Exceeds $1 Million

Last September, when GoodBiz113 originally profiled New Orleans-based Rodrigue Studio [see "Louisiana Artist Brings Post-Katrina [Blue Dog] Relief to New Orleans"], the Blue Dog Relief: George Rodrigue Art Campaign for Recovery had already donated $700,000 to several not-for-profit organizations after Hurricane Katrina, including:
* New Orleans Museum of Art [NOMA]
* Southeast Louisiana Chapter of the American Red Cross [ARCNO]
* United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area
* United Way of America

The tally has now exceeded $1 million, and other groups are also benefiting from the talents and generosity of world-renowned artist George Rodrigue, a Louisiana native. A portion of sales from his growing Blue Dog Relief print collection -- i.e., "We Will Rise Again", "To Stay Alive We Need Levee 5", "Throw Me Something FEMA", "Cut Through the Red Tape" [see image, above], "You Can't Drown the Blues" and "We Are Marching Again" -- continue to contribute to south Louisiana's post-Katrina recovery.

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities [May 2007]
A portion of these funds will be used for the permanent installation at the Louisiana Humanities Center in New Orleans [938 Lafayette Street] of the sculpture "Circle Dance: Big Sister’s Window," by New Orleans artist John Scott. Scott's studio in New Orleans East suffered terrible damage from Katrina’s floodwaters, followed by a devastating robbery by thieves, who stole his metal sculptures to melt them down for scrap.

The remaining funds will be used for artists' grants, as will the future donations pledged to LEH by Rodrigue.

Fence artists, Jackson Square [April 2007]
The money helped with everything from buying artists' supplies, to paying rent and car notes. This sort of help is especially important as the quiet summer months [and hurricane season] loom.

When you visit New Orleans, please remember to support the artists on the fence.

Rodrigue is committed to continuing these meaningful contributions. For information about purchasing the silkscreens available through Blue Dog Relief, go to:

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